Training from specialists

Maybo is a leader in conflict management training, offering conflict management and physical interventions programmes delivered direct by its own staff, or though over 400 Maybo Training Centres, whose trainers have been fully trained and assessed in delivering the courses.

Maybo continues to set the benchmark for conflict management and personal safety training and over 3,000 frontline staff complete a Maybo training programme every month. The programmes are written by subject experts in a team that has led the development of national qualifications and competency standards for frontline personnel, managers and trainers.

The results

Maybo training programmes have been shown to:

  • reduce assaults against staff,
  • increase confidence and performance of managers and staff,
  • create a safer environment for staff and service users,
  • enhance customer service,
  • reduce the need to resort to force,
  • give better protection to your organisation from compensation claims and reputation damage

What’s different about a Maybo course?

Maybo training programmes map to key standards and qualifications and focus on calming and de-escalation skills, encouraging non physical responses to conflict and violence.

The courses use scenario based learning, often created from information gained from delegates about the situations they encounter at work, to help delegates transfer the skills they are learning to their own workplace.

Maybo’s unique programme equips delegates with the necessary skills to calm a situation, without resorting to the application of physical interventions techniques to gain the aggressor's compliance. *

*The skills are taught in such a way as to allow the delegates to identify the least aversive option to either calm or extract themselves from the situation safely.

Who will benefit from attending a conflict management course?

Conflict management training is required in certain roles to help staff to safely and effectively manage aggressive and challenging behaviour. The course is of particular value to those working in roles such as:

  • Customer facing staff
  • Lone workers
  • Staff who have to deal with potentially violent situations


Conflict management course overview

The Maybo conflict management programme covers:

  • health and safety responsibilities;
  • employer policy and guidance;
  • identifying flashpoints;
  • proactive service delivery;
  • risk reduction;
  • verbal and non-verbal communication;
  • calming skills;
  • managing incidents;
  • post-incident considerations.


Physical intervention course content

Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. The focus of Maybo’s physical interventions programmes is to help employees to reduce the use of force because physical intervention carries risk for everyone involved. The training model focuses on how to prevent situations arising and escalating but recognises there are times in some environments when staff have to act to prevent imminent harm to themselves or others.

Maybo’s physical intervention skills are based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression. These non-violent skills have been legally and medically reviewed and have earned considerable credibility across different sectors.

This module based training varies from disengagement tactics to more advanced rescue techniques, escorting methods through to holding skills. Throughout the course we will examine:

  • The requirement to use non-physical skills as far as possible
  • The law in relation to 'reasonable force' and 'self defence'
  • The value of assessing a situation before intervening
  • Using physical intervention as a last resort
  • Possible medical implications
  • The potential legal implications of the techniques
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Escorting and guiding skills
  • Holding skills


Supporting delegates

Every delegate will be issued a Maybo certificate. In most cases the certificate will be accredited by City & Guilds.


All delegates receive high quality workbooks, providing excellent aide memoirs for reference post course.

Rigour and protection

Using Maybo’s programme, being delivered by a fully trained Maybo trainer, gives clients peace of mind that both the product and the trainer are subject to regular review, assessment, updating and on-going development. As a Maybo Training Centre we are committed to extensive quality assurance measures, including:

  • Organisational and tutor standards, including relevant qualifications, experience, insurance and operational policies
  • Training delivery development and annual refresher training with assessment
  • Evidencing continuing professional development and working to extensive licence conditions